Tax Strategies

“There are two systems of taxation in our country: one for the informed and one for the uninformed.” – Justice Learned Hand, United States Court of Appeals

Tax Strategies to Help You Keep and Grow Your Wealth

At ACG, we believe that the tax code and the investment markets are like building materials for your wealth management: Like a homeowner who needs to balance strict building codes with a creative architectural vision, you need to intricately balance your tax strategies and investments in order to pursue sound, effective decisions. If you implement one without the other, then you could find yourself without a foundation for building lasting wealth.

To best help our clients pursue tax-efficient wealth management, the best results are achieved when we serve as the architect and general contractor to bring these two materials under one roof.

Consulting on tax related wealth management strategies is not only our expertise – it’s in our DNA. The more we can help you assess and manage your tax exposure, the more successfully you can prepare for any tax liabilities that may impact your wealth management goals today, tomorrow and for years to come.

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