Our Story

Since day one, ACG has supported clients through a passion for unwinding the complex while approaching strategies with true flexibility and creativity.

In 1982, the investment-consulting world was still in its infancy — but ACG had the foresight to provide actuarial consulting services that supported even the most cutting-edge and sophisticated tax-planning needs. Despite many industry professionals focusing on stock brokerage at the time, we believed that addressing investments from a tax-consulting focus better served investors than supporting investments alone.

When the laws changed and opened the industry to IRAs, 401(k) plans and beyond, we knew that to best serve our clients and help them navigate the complexity, ACG had to become leading financial experts. So, we began building a team that:

Over 35 years later, we’ve fostered a company comprised of financial experts and tax consultants who deeply care about and understand family-owned businesses, investments, family wealth and taxes. ACG has grown to become an independent, privately held wealth management and investment firm with adept and dedicated advisors helping clients’ achieve their financial and life dreams.

Today, our reach is global and our commitment to fostering clients’ financial success has never been deeper.